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  • Exterior remodeling contract in San Diego. Contractor paid but homeowner had major problems with the work. Homeowner learned later about issues with contractor's license status during the construction, leading to a claim of 100% disgorgement of all money paid to contractor.

  • Luxury single-family residence owners claim against remodeling contractor, subcontractor and designer, after making own repairs, for damages, delay, loss of use for charitable functions, with significant insurance coverage issues

  • Large 154-home single-family defect claim in Nevada involving significant soil and corrosion issues

  • Significant remodel of single family residence with claim by homeowners against architect, general contractor and subcontractors, with active participation in case and surreptitious investigation by homeowners

  • Claims by former MLB players against remodeling contractor for defects and payment disputes

  • Homeowner claim against contractors performing major remodel for defective work leading to slab leaks and ruined wood flooring

  • Indemnity action by general contractor against subcontractor on large commercial project where underlying claim settled early leaving claims for indemnity and defense cost reimbursement

  • Subcontractor suing General Contractor no non-payment with cross-complaint for incomplete work and delay

  • General contractor claim against demolition contractor for damage to existing commercial units during large-scale removal

  • Assigned collection claim against owner with cross-complaint by owner for construction defects and against collection agency run by disbarred attorney

  • Payment claim by prime contractor and specialty subcontractors against City on public works project

  • HOA claims against builder and subcontractors

  • High-rise condominium claim against builder and City for defects and inverse condemnation

  • Bonded stop notice claims by contractor against bank

  • General contractor claim against subcontractors based on delay and damage from failure to protect work

  • Claim for product liability by plumbing contractor against manufacturer of defective pipe

  • Disputes between general contractor and subcontractor for payment with defense of defective work

  • Defective construction claim on remodeling project; cross-claim between general contractor and subcontractor including claim against insurance carrier

  • Action by general contractor against owner for unpaid invoices and fraud

  • Defective tile claim in major remodel in luxury high rise condo complex

  • Action by owner/builder against unlicensed subcontractor and intervening insurance carrier for defective construction leading to inability to market home

  • Claim by general contractor against owner for failure to pay with CSLB claim in response

  • General contractor claim against boring contractor for damage on freeway due to alleged defective boring wall

  • Claim by remodeling contractor against homeowner for failure to pay, followed by counterclaim against builder for negligence in construction and fraudulent billing, leading to involvement by numerous subcontractors and insurance carriers

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