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  • Subrogation case by carrier who paid for destroyed tow truck that slammed into back of disabled 18-wheeler that had stopped with lights out on I-5 in mountains near Castaic close to midnight.

  • Life insurance dispute. Couple got life policies - much more on lower earnings, younger spouse, thus higher earning husband. Failed to disclose health conditions. Husband died. Wife now contends she thought larger policy was on husband. Company denies and threatens rescission.

  • Insurer claim against contractor after premium audit

  • Bank that took over construction project claim against carrier for defaulted general contractor

  • Insurer subrogation claim against distributor of luxury autos to recover amounts paid its insured after car caught on fire

  • Claim by equipment supplier against equipment lessors and bonding company, including claim against license

  • Subrogation claims by property insurance carriers against contractors and manufacturers after leaks leading to significant property damage

  • Rescission action by large D&O insurer against corporate claimants

  • Claim by surviving spouse of business executive who committed suicide against insurance agent for changing policy and thus eliminating incontestability period which would have allowed for benefits to be paid

  • Equitable contribution claims between carriers over additional insured defense fees and costs

  • Equitable subrogation claims by additional insured carrier against subcontractors on construction defect claims

  • Declaratory Relief action between carriers over duty to defend