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  • Large truck vs. small truck collision with significant property damage, personal injuries and lost income

  • Auto vs. pedestrian collision with multiple fractures

  • Rear-end collision by drunk driver who attempted to drive away, then caught and arrested. Serious low back soft tissue injuries. Settled with punitive damage claim pending

  • Claim by gardeners against homeowner for serious dog bites

  • Owner of dog killed by other dog claim against homeowner

  • Wrongful death and negligent entrustment claims arising out of multi-vehicle auto accident

  • Personal injury claim by customer in market injured by pallets on forklift driven by beer deliveryman

  • Claim by pedestrian against city and property owner based on dangerous condition of sidewalk and adjoining property

  • Slip and fall claim against medical office building for allegedly slippery walkways after courtyard watering

  • Premises liability claim against restaurant for failure to clean spills in restroom

  • Slip and fall over protruding outdoor tables at public seating area of restaurant, leading to fractured knee, and claims of product defect

  • Action against dog owner whose dog was unleashed in parking lot and jumped on 83-year old leading to broken femur

  • Claim by comatose child, through parents, who rented home with small fish pond in year that child fell into. Action against homeowner and real estate agents, for dangerous condition

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