Bob Friedenberg,Esq. 

Mediator   •   Arbitrator   •   Referee   •   Special Master 

225 Broadway

Suite 1400
San Diego, California 92101

Tel: ​(619) 233-1323

  • Restaurant leased space for 10 years but abandoned immediately claiming fraudulent inducement.

  • Claim by property management company against HVAC service company responding to claim by HVAC company for fees

  • Trademark, contract and conversion dispute between recording company and composer of “beats” used in rap music

  • Breach of contract and negligent infliction of emotional distress claim against large low-cost cremation society for wrongly disposing of remains

  • Class action by families of decedents alleging moving graves to make extra space for more burials

  • Numerous Lemon Law claims against manufacturers/dealers for automobile claims

  • Interior design and home staging company claim against seller for failing to pay and failing to return furniture and artwork used in staging home for sale