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San Diego, California 92101

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  • Waiting for final confirmation by Plaintiffs of settlement with defendant neighbor and cross-defendant neighbor. Plaintiff homeowner had roots going through retaining/boundary wall allegedly from neighbor's palm tree. Neighbor sued other neighbor blaming that neighbor's creeping fig tree roots for the damage.

  • Neighbor dispute. One neighbor suing other over tree roots allegedly damaging property

  • Claim for specific performance by man who believed he had purchased property and spent multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars on down payment, back taxes, ongoing expenses, and performed some unpermitted improvements. Seller denied they ever had anything beyond Letter of Intent.

  • New condo unit purchasers claim against builder for square footage discrepancy

  • Landlord’s claim against tenant for breach of lease with counterclaim for habitability for damages from mold

  • Bedbug claim against landlord by multiple tenants

  • Home purchases sued home flipper for failure to disclose and concealment of mold conditions

  • Claim by new condo unit owners against developer for square footage discrepancy

  • Suit by buyers of large single-family home against seller, broker and agents for square footage discrepancy in listing, claiming fraud and negligence

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